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X-Files sequel disappoints

X-Files_Poster.jpgI have to say that the continuing news on X-Files 2 is getting worse and worse for me, and although I'm not a hardcore fan, I was an avid watcher of the series and really enjoyed the film.

Yet with news of the removal of the ongoing alien conspiracy and now this leaked spy picture, I'm beginning to wonder if they aren't totally missing the point of X-Files with this sequel.

As soon as I heard that they were dropping the idea of the alien conspiracy I knew it was a bad move, after all that plot thread has been running throughout the franchise since the series began and has raised more questions about the X-Files universe and the characters than it has answered, even counting the film.

Indeed the first feature film promised much more to come and left the audience, once again, hanging.

Now, after such a strong cinematic visitation, the creators behind it are planning something more akin to the individual episodic monster, and the first photos have appeared on the internet to reveal that very monster, or perhaps one of the monsters involved.

For those of you who don't want the spoiler then please read no further, but then again maybe it's not a spoiler at all.

What strikes me is that these productions that are being so openly caught on film in public are either incredibly naive, trying to maximise on filming hype, or perhaps there's something else. Perhaps they are taking advantage of the media there and throwing out false stories to hide what really is happening.

Sex and the City marriage breakup in the middle of a crowded street of photographers? Perhaps a little too staged? Then there's the X-Files set photo from JoBlo through /Film, another staged event? Wouldn't the studio have pulled down the photos by now?

Whatever the reasoning, the big secret in the photo is a werewolf. Yes there could well be werewolves in the next X-Files film as we see shots on set of the creator and director standing with someone wearing the top half of a werewolf outfit.

Is it a joke? Throwing us off the scent perhaps? Or is it let's say goodbye to the entire premise running through all the television series and the first film, a premise that raised so many questions and left so much unanswered, and that now drops it completely in favour of a monster film.

Yeah this really isn't going to work for me. Where the hell is that alien conspiracy?




it could also just be the begining of the movie. You know how like in the first one it was the disarming of the bomb hidden in the coke machine.

Movies do this all the time to set the stage.

The X-Files was not always about aliens, some of my favorite episodes were about other weird un-explainable stories, which was super cool.

This could simply be the first 30 min of the movie. Reminding us that the X-Files is not just UFO/Alien hunters, but something broader in scope.

I'm sure they will get to the aliens at some point in the story.

That's what I would do.

Oh yeah, I realise this, but everything I've been reading and writing about to date has indicated a total move away from the conspiracy, and to me that was the real driver of the series.

Sure there were some good stand alone episodes, but they were a distraction from the main driving force for me.

Wow, Richard, you're disappointed with something that hasn't even been made yet. Colour me impressed.

Chris Carter is obviously having a little fun at the expense of fans. And they are falling for it, to the point where they're arguing in all earnest over someone joke about the casting of Rowan Atkinson So far CC's ame of appearances has worked brilliantly. Your post kinda proves that. Trust no one, Mr Brunton. ;)

Yeah, well if you've been paying attention you'd have heard the reports for months now that the completed film script is not following the alien conspiracy theme - as per above. Not hard to be unimpressed with that.

Atkinson in the film? Well going the way it seems with werewolves and no alien conspiracy, then I can well believe it. (Note LT, that's sarcasm, I actually don't).

I would love it if it was all a joke and the film turned out to continue the plot from the series and first film...however I'm certain it's not.

Yes, Richard, I have been paying attention and, unlike you, I knew about the monster-of-the week option for over a year and a half. A fair option, by the way, because X-F was about aliens AND MOTW's. Throwing tantrums, titling articles "XF sequel disappoints," when little is known, does not seem fair in comparison.

Well you obviously haven't been paying attention. From May 2006: X-Files 2 gains new writer - That's the first I heard and wrote about it.

There's no tantrums here LT, it's just an article written in words, and very fair words. There's been a huge plot line running through the series and the first film and they've announced they are dropping it in favour of a single monster storyline. In my books, and in my article, that's very disappointing to me.

Richard, I'm personally torn over what I would rather see; another alien mythology movie or a nice stand alone. While X-files is most well known for the alien mythology, we should remember that alien themed shows only account for about a quarter of all episodes. Also, as much as I would love for them to continue down the alien mythology road, frankly, I just don't know if one movie is enough to readdress the aliens and give closure. Personally, I wish they'd just bring the damn show back and be done with it. It's not as though anyone involved in the series has enjoyed even a smidgen of success that they enjoyed from the TV show.

Wow, I didn't realise the percentage was that small - shows you that I wasn't an avid follower of the show.

Totally agree Tom, one film wouldn't be enough, and that could have something to do with the reasoning behind it.

Gillian has been doing quite well though, her choice of smaller roles has really been suiting her don't you think?

You are correct as regards Gillian. I recently saw her in a film where she played a vigilante after an attack on her and a date. Being on the other side of the pond, her work is released on a much more limited basis unfortunately. I have read that she has enjoyed a nice amount of post X-files success in the UK.

Perhaps I should have prefaced my success remarks with "financial" versus "critical" success.

Either way, I'm completely excited to see Mulder and Scully back together again!!!

Definitely, Gillian's recent films haven't all been huge earners, but they have been strong performances. In some cases I've been very surprised - her best would have been The Last King of Scotland I would say.


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