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100 Feet early trailer online

FamkeJanssen.jpgSome footage for 100 Feet has finally been released, it seems like I've been waiting for something from the Eric Red scripted and directed film starring the gorgeous and talented Famke Janssen for ages. Oh she just makes me melt when I see her on screen.

Anyway the footage is less a trailer and actually a promotional reel of footage, and you can tell, however there's a lot of promise too.

You can see the trailer right here courtesy of AITH:

I'm not so sure, although it has some good looking moments it does feel so harshly cut and just a bunch of scenes thrown together, I'd have preferred to have waited to see something more akin to a trailer, even a teaser would have been better in my eyes, although any glimpse of Famke Janssen isn't a bad thing, even if she is screaming and covered in blood...oh wait, I don't think that's healthy.

100 Feet is the story of a woman who kills her abusive husband in self defense and is placed under house arrest. However the bad news for her is that her husband has decided to haunt the house and his vengeful spirit is not leaving.



They basically had to release this footage because an early, lo-res (and terrible) promo real was accidentally leaked by the production company which Red didn't like.

He seems to have put this together quickly to mitigate any damage the other promo real may have caused with its unfinished effects, low-resolution, and shoddy editing.

I think it looks good and I can't wait to see a more finished trailer!


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