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A new Freddy Krueger?

FreddyKruger.jpgJust last week I wrote about the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and then a few days later I wrote about the rumour that Robert Englund had been contacted about starring as Freddy Krueger in the remake. Well today there's another rumour that said Englund is definitely out of the film.

If this is the rumour that's true then it would seem that we're going to be getting an entirely new Freddy Krueger, and an entirely new film.

A number of industry sources close to ShockTillYouDrop called in once the story was released, according to Coming Soon, and they all said that discussion for casting are ongoing and that none of them include Robert Englund.

It seems that this would be the natural course considering Platinum Dune's other horror classic remakes, they've ignored iconic casting before and gone straight for all new blood, and slightly rewritten story lines.

I can see why they would want to do this, especially if they are trying to escape the original feel of A Nightmare on Elm Street. However fans of Englund and the original may not be impressed, and considering how their previous horror remakes have gone, they perhaps aren't too keen to break the mould. Mind you, they weren't that great were they? They weren't really that different either.



Oh Rich this is a really bad idea. It's one thing to put a new person behind Mike Myers, Jason and even leatherface; THEY DON'T F'N TALK!

Freddy has way to much character and personality to just replace they guy. Major movie mistake if these guys want this thing to work.

Even in the first films before Freddy's sick sense of humor took on 85% of the film and he was more creepy and scary, he still had his own style and personality.

I disagree with this one big time. If Robert Englund is not going to be Freddy then I see it as a waste of time.

That's a really good point Brad, and Englund made that character and made the role his own.

However, isn't the same true with Rutger Hauer's John Ryder from The Hitcher? They still redid him, and to be fair Sean Bean was a cracking choice for his replacement.

Couldn't anyone take his role?

The way i see it, if there is no Robert Englund there is no Freddy. im a die hard Freddy fan, i even met Robert Englund when he came to London at Earl's Court Exibition. i spoke to him for about 15 minutes, he told me that they might be working on a new Nightmare film. he said they might make a prequal to the Nightmare films, and there has been talks with Carpenter to make freddy vs myers. but as i said with out Robert forget even thinking about making this film. if they proceed with this idea with out Robert i wouldnt even go watch the film, i would put in my mind that this film never existed. im so so sure every freddy fan would think the same, they would lose so much money because of the money they put into the film and 85% of freddy fans wouldnt watch it. its the stupidest idea i have ever heard.


I think its cool that they are trying to keep the life of Freddy alive and on going. A good point was said above, Freddy does talk, but am more then sure that this is something they will master very well and carry it off even better.

The one thing i will say is this, at this stage in casting, i would bet my years cash that England will be Freddy in the end.

But if am wrong, am wrong, but i wont be.



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