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Bangkok Dangerous remake trailer online

BangkokDangerous.jpgA trailer has appeared for the remake of Bangkok Dangerous, that pretty strong film from the Pang Brothers that had some superb visuals in it.

Now the remake is from those very same duo who made the first film but in Hollywood, so you would except a bigger budget, better stars, and overall a much better film...oh, it leads with Nicolas Cage.

Yes that's the first worrying part, and something that turned me off to the film from the very beginning. However Oxide and Danny are the aforementioned brothers who I have high hopes for, so maybe they can pull this off and make something strong.

The original story went something like this, here's what I wrote when I first heard about the film:

...a deaf-mute hitman and his partner live a simple life while carrying out hits in Bangkok. A hit goes badly wrong and he is once again isolated. He soon meets someone who he begins to care for and starts to wonder if there is something more for him in life.

I don't want to give away too much, but it is a great story. There are some things wrong with the film, but it does serve moments of superb style and action, yet remaining strong on the story. It's an enjoyable movie, but here's the thing. Even though the Pang brothers will get another attempt at making this film, Hollywood has some changes....Cage's character will speak, unlike the mute assassin seen in Bangkok Dangerous.

What? So you're just throwing out one of the biggest elements of the story? The fact that he was deaf and mute made this all the more interesting, especially when it came to the hits themselves and his interactions with other characters

I was a bit upset at that thought, you can tell, and as I revisted IMDB to look up the new Bangkok Dangerous plot I became even more annoyed, it's nothing like the original.

A hitman (Cage) in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy.

Well, it is I guess since it's about a hitman. However watching the trailer I wouldn't realise it's the same story. However there are some good aspects, the Pang's are in charge and the action looks slick and stylish, and they don't seem to have gone too much over to the Hollywood side of huge big sequences, although there are a few.

So here's the trailer through Rope of Silicon and Row Three to give us a taste for it. The only thing is it's in Spanish.



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