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Bay says told you so on Blu-ray

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has basically said “I told you so” on the matter of HD-DVD versus Blu-ray in the format war, and you have to say that he was right too.

After threatening to walk away from the Transformers sequel if the first film wasn't released on Blu-ray, he came back even though the film did hit stores only on HD-DVD.

Wow, what a bad move that was, I mean not releasing the film on Blu-ray, and Michael Bay knows it. In fact he's bringing it all up again.

“Blu-ray's better, and I told everyone...”

So have many people Michael.

“... was very vocal about it. I knew HD [DVD] was not going to make it.

Am I thrilled? It really wasn't my fight, but remember what I said in the press? I was kind of saying HD [DVD]'s going to lose...No one believed me.”

Well loads of people believed you, you only had to look at the comments pouring into your blog where people were arguing about Blu-ray versus HD-DVD, although to be fair the majority were the type of people who just latch onto the product they've bought as being the best – the reason I stopped buying official gaming magazines for either console as everything was better and genre breaking on their console.

IGN have Michael Bay's comments, and you have to wonder why he didn't really take a bigger stand against his film going onto HD-DVD. Did he not think of that beforehand and get it in the contract? Well of course not, and with the studio being HD-DVD I guess that would have been a losing battle anyway.

The positive is that if Blu-ray does win, and it's looking almost undoubtedly so, then we'll see Transformers (Filmstalker review) out on Blu-ray at some point, and that's another release, another round of consumer purchasing and another batch of profit for the studio. What a win win situation for them!



what a dick!


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