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Bay talks Transformers 2 script

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has been gushing about the Transformers 2 script he's been writing, an early treatment full of character designs, etc that will be given to the writers to get going with.

He's also revealed that he has no love for those "fanboys" on the internet, a term I hate, and that he's going to be leaking tons of false information on this film in order to keep people off the scent.

Great move, not only will you alienate more internet fans of Transformers and even of your first Transformers (Filmstalker review) film, but you're going to probably annoy sites so much with false information that they'll stop carrying Transformers stories and there goes your free publicity. Publicity you're tapped into and loving taking advantage of with your blog and the continued leaking of information.

Rotten Tomatoes through Latino Review came up with the comments from Michael Bay. First he talks about that script for the second film, Transformers 2:

"I've been writing Transformers 2...We've got our characters all designed. I always write all my scripts, my movies anyway so at least I've got something to give the writers. It's like a template. We have a really good outline so I worked on that...We had to because I want to make my date. I'm not going to let the strike take me down."

One good thing that the first film gave the franchise was the ability of the effects houses to figure out the transformations of the robots and get that automated. According to what Michael Bay is implying, that was one of the biggest pieces of work for the first film, and he almost starts to say that now they can concentrate on character depth and developing the plot a bit more, but then he goes off into nowhere land:

"When you do your first movie, you break the back of it. Now we can have a lot more fun. We can actually make the depth of these characters more fun and a lot more interesting characters. To see actually what you can achieve visually, you never know. When you go into a movie, you never know visually. I think I've got a lot of fun, interesting, funny characters."

More fun and funniness? Yeah, that's just what Transformers needed, the robots and humans being even more funny and more on screen jokes. Wow, is that missing the points of building more character and plot depth, keeping a consistent flow to the script and the onscreen action, and allowing us to actually see what on earth is going on during action sequences.

Latino Review also remind me of another article over at Rotten Tomatoes where he starts warning us he's going to spread loads of disinformation about the film - so maybe this is the first piece. Be warned, we can't trust anything that Michael Bay says about the film now, he admits he may be lying to us. Referring to the internet fanbase:

"One thing I do know is I know how to screw them up more..."

Nice, respect.

"We're going to leak a lot of false information all over the place. I now know their game. They're going to get a lot of script treatments that they think are going to be the script. They will never see the script. We've got scripts and treatments written up that we're going to leak. No one's going to know."

Wow, there's some serious animosity in there. Well all we can do now is disbelieve everything we hear about the film, particularly from Bay himself, and just prey that instead of shiny, zoomed-in, crowded and frantic moments of on screen action, in scenes cut harshly together, that we get some sort of plot consistency and strong plot and character development.

Or maybe we'll just get more jokes and jokey characters.



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