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Be Kind Rewind trailer in multiple formats

BeKindRewind.jpgI've been sent another trailer in multiple sizes and formats, and this one is the non-Michael Gondry, proper theatrical release trailer for Be Kind Rewind, the film starring Jack Black and Mos Def as incompetent video rental store owners.

In the film their entire catalogue of videotapes gets erased and they can only see one way out, record their own versions and hope that they get away with it. However the plan backfires, and in the most unexpected way.

You see people start liking what they're making, and pretty soon they're a sensation and being asked for more and more videos.

Here's the trailer for Be Kind Rewind in plenty of different options and sizes for you.

Be Kind Rewind Trailer:
Quicktime: High quality Medium quality Low quality
Realplayer: High quality Medium quality Low quality
Windows Media Player: High quality Medium quality Low quality



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