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Bettany to destroy mankind

PaulBettany.jpgPaul Bettany has picked up a rather interesting role in a very interesting film. He's set to play the archangel Michael as one of god's own angels whom have been sent by the big man himself to destroy humanity after he loses total faith in us all.

Frankly I'm surprised he hasn't already! The film will see the directorial debut of Scott Stewart as he visits god's wrath upon us all.

The film is called Legion, and it won't be a straight tale of destruction and genocide - yes, that is what it would entail - as the story will show a group of misfit angels who are sitting around in a diner in the middle of the desert, aided by the archangel Michael himself, Paul Bettany.

So angel battles angel in order to destroy or save humanity? Sounds wonderful, and Scott Stewart co-wrote the script alongside Peter Schink, according to Sci Fi Wire.

Definitely count me in on this story, however there will be some convincing effects to be called for I would imagine, especially to convince us of armies of angels battling each other and humanity.



Sounds a bit like The Prophecy trilogy with good Angels vs fallen Angels and humans getting caught up in it all. Christopher Walken was brilliant as one of the fallen Angels. I'd recommend it, the effects may be a bit out of date now but it's still good watching.

This film does sound interesting.

Now I've never seen that one before Michelle, and I always considered it to be a low budget, rather poor film, and that was just with hearsay. Maybe I should give it a chance and drop it on my queue.

Yes it's really low budget and the soundtrack isn't great but it's worth watching once just for Walken. He really gets some great lines. Viggo Mortensen also makes an appearance as well.

Right, added to the Lovefilm queue Michelle. Thank you.


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