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Brian Cox in Poe story

BrianCox.jpgBrian Cox and Josh Lucas look set to star in a retelling of a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale but with a very modern twist.

The story, as I wrote about back in October, would be based on The Tell-Tale Heart and sees a murderer hunted down by someone who has received the transplanted heart of one of his previous victims.

The best person to describe the film from Michael Cuesta called Tell-Tale is Josh Lucas himself:

"It's a retelling of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Tell-Tale Heart...a modern-telling of it, about a man who gets a heart transplant, and then [after] the heart transplant, the heart that he gets makes him take revenge on what happened to [the donor] at the end of his life."

Brian Cox can back him up on that one too through MTV Movies Blog:

"The guy gets a heart that is the heart of somebody who was murdered...And the heart knows who the murderer is."

Brian Cox says he is playing an old policeman who is trying to solve the case of how a surgeon is finding body parts and killing people, I presume then that Josh Lucas is that very surgeon.

Sounds an interesting outline, and bringing a Poe story up to modern day is a great idea, especially since there are a number of Poe related films in the works, and I love Brian Cox.



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