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Chaos Theory trailer online

SarahChalke.jpgChaos Theory just came out from nowhere for me today, well that's not entirely true as back in December I wrote about Milo Ventimiglia joining the cast of the film.

Then all we heard was that it was a film about a guy whose normally highly organised life is thrown to chance one day, and as it falls around him he decides to put his entire life into the hands of chance and fate. Now the trailer arrives and it looks superb.

I'm totally in, and I really want to see Ryan Reynolds play this character as he falls apart. I'm sure there's going to be a Hollywood ending in there too, but for now it looks like it has bags of promise.

Chaos Theory sees Reynolds as an obsessively organised efficiency expert whose life is turned upside down one day when all his usual organisation gets upset by a series of events of fate and chance. After he takes stock of his now ruined life he decides to leave everything up to chance, and from the trailer it looks like absolutely everything.

You can see it on the following links found through Movie-List Forums, although I have to say that the high definition Warner Bros. links didn't work for me so I went to the Yahoo Movies ones.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds, Emily Mortimer, Stuart Townsend and the gorgeous Sarah Chalke who'll you know from Scrubs...and she looks fantastic! Seriously though, apart from her brief appearance in the trailer, I really am rather excited about this film, it has so many possibilities and I just hope it has some darkness as the trailer suggests.

From Warner Bros.:
480p [QT:42.1MB], 720p [QT:100MB], 1080p [QT:173MB]
Small [QT:S:8.7MB], Medium [QT:M:12.1MB], Large [QT:L:22MB]

Yahoo Movies:
480p [QT:40.6MB], 720p [QT:102MB], 1080p [QT:144MB]



I love Ryan Reynolds so i'll watch any film he is in *hangs head in shame* luckily this one looks quite good!

Well he's had a few good ones to be fair.


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