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Chekov talks Abrams' Star Trek

AntonYelchin.jpgIn more marketing for J.J. Abrams' Star Trek film which is restricted only to those in the U.S., Anton Yelchin, who plays the young Chekov, has been talking about the production and giving away a non-fan view of Star Trek and it's relation to the original series and films.

He talks about the cross appeal of this new film, how the actors are tackling their famous roles, and the ending.

One thing about the interview which MTV seems to make such a big deal of for no reason, is that there are aliens on board Enterprise. Oh my lord, say it ain't so! There's always aliens on board Enterprise...they do know who Spock is don't they?

Okay, put that and the video restricted to everyone outside the U.S. aside and talk about the good things in the interview.

Anton Yelchin has once again confirmed that there are no old cast members returning to J.J. Abrams Star Trek other than Spock, although he did meet Walter Koenig, the original Chekov to discuss the character and the film, and the great thing is that we are going to hear that “w” for “v” accent, although not the immortal line with “nuclear wessels” in it!

“...we aren't remaking the old show, but the whole goal is to do your own thing and be original, while being respectful.”

However we won't be hearing a parodied William Shatner for Kirk.

Still, even though they aren't bringing back the characters and they are making the their own, that doesn't seem as though it's going to dent the love of any of the story for original Trek fans, and it's still going to appeal to those who just love science fiction and action films. Not trying to do that much then?!

“It’s a pretty cool action movie regardless of what you think of ‘Star Trek'...It’s a sci-fi action film. Knowing nothing about ‘Star Trek,’ and going in and reading the script, I was totally fine. I thought it was great, and really interesting, and a lot of fun to read. Obviously, there are special [in-joke] perks if you’ve been a ‘Star Trek’ fan for 40 years. But I hope that anyone would go and see this film, knowing that it’s gonna be an action movie.”

Yelchin's most awaited moment to see in the film is the ending, for that seems to be creating the usual iconic moment of almost every Star Trek ending, film or television, where the crew are assembled on the bridge of the Enterprise for that final shot.

“I can't explain how you get to see us all together, but it's pretty epic. ... You're on the Enterprise, and you just know it feels so epic. We shot the last scene in the film, and you see everyone in the gold, and the blue, and the red.”

Well that is one of the iconic moments of Star Trek, and I really am looking forward to it. You can imagine all those characters there as the music lifts up, it could be emotional, like hearing the Superman theme and seeing him save the plane, or hearing the Indiana Jones theme and seeing him pick up that hat in the trailer.

I think this is going to be a big success and a great restart. However I'm still not on board with the idea of going back to the original crew. I still wanted an Enterprise film, or more commitment behind the series, or something totally new. Time, trailers, and the audience will soon forget those previous mistakes though as you can smell this franchise restarting already.



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