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China bans horror for the Olympics

BigTroubleinLittleChina.jpgI don't understand this censorship lark, I don't believe that censoring really protects anyone or prevents anything, and I really don't believe that a group of officials know what is best for the majority - that sounds little like democracy and more like some more radical forms of governing.

Speaking of which it appears that China has decided to ban all horror films from the country in an order to clean up before the Olympics.

Horror films? You have to be kidding me you're saying, well no, I'm not. The word is that:

"Producers have around three weeks to look through their tapes for "horror" and report it to authorities, the General Administration of Press and Publications said in a statement posted on the government Web site."

That's the word through Reuters and AITH, the Chinese authorities really are wanting producers to hand in all their copies of horror films. They list types of horror that need to be reported from wronged spirits and violent ghosts to monsters, demons and other inhuman portrayals. Basically anything supernatural that's intended to scare.

"The new guidelines aim to 'control and cleanse the negative effect these items have on society, and to prevent horror, violent, cruel publications from entering the market through official channels and to protect adolescents' psychological health.'"

Change a few of those words and that kind of statement could be coming out of some country going through the horrors of a genocide. Protecting adolescents' psychological health? What are they thinking?

It's not just horror though, they've already ensured that vulgar video and audio content is to be drastically hit as well as huge restrictions on internet sites.

It seems censorship is rife in China, and they really believe that by stamping out horror, "vulgar" material and the internet that their country will be a better place and that no one outside will notice.

This just reeks of control and the destruction of basic freedoms people should enjoy as part of their everyday lives. Perhaps they'd be better concentrating on pollution.



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