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China lifts ban on Hollywood

BigTroubleinLittleChina.jpgIt looks like that suggested deliberate ban on Hollywood films coming into China could well be over as The Golden Compass, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and 10,000 BC are allowed into the country.

Recently we heard the official word that horror films were being banned in the country, and in some huge rounding up exercise, "cleaned up" before the Olympics arrive. However there wasn't really an official word on the fact that since the end of last year Hollywood films haven't been getting into China.

The belief within Hollywood was that China was excluding Hollywood films for a period of three months in order to bolster their own internally made films, something you couldn't really argue with could you? As it is they only allow twenty foreign films into the country a year, not surprising considering they only have about three and a half thousand cinemas.

Well with the announcement from Variety that The Golden Compass, National Treasure: Book of Secrets and 10,000 BC are all set to be imported in and shown to audiences.

The announcement comes from Weng Li of the state run China Film Group through 680News. China Film Group are the only licensed film importer for China, and so their word is pretty much it.

Still, it's good to see that they are once again letting foreign films in, you'd just think that maybe they'd look outside Hollywood too when they're thinking foreign.



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