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Chow wants Green Hornet

TheGreenHornet.jpgA while ago Seth Rogen, who is tackling the long awaited return to the big screen of The Green Hornet, talked about who he would like for Kato, and without much delay he said Stephen Chow.

At the time he admitted that no one had talked to him, he'd just love to have him in the role once taken by Bruce Lee. Well now Chow has openly talked about the role, and he could well be in.

Coming Soon interviewed Stephen Chow, through MoviesOnline, and they asked him if he would like to do the role of Kato in The Green Hornet. Of course they had to explain who Seth Rogen was, but once he realised he seemed genuinely interested.

Apparently it was then that Chow asked if they had Seth Rogen's number, and if not if they could pass on his to Rogen.

Now that is interesting. Either he's playing a joke on the guys or he's genuinely interested in taking the role. While I could see that he would be keen to take such an iconic, in the eyes of the west, Bruce Lee role, particularly as it's going to be serious, something did strike me a little out of whack.

Chow recognised who Seth Rogen was after they described the cop role in Superbad. Now using that description, what do you think the new Green Hornet would be? I'm thinking it's not how Rogen is currently pitching it, as a much more serious film.

Thinking of that character gives a completely different feel to the iconic role that Bruce Lee played, and indeed to the whole film. I think something might have been lost in translation there.



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