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Cloverfield hurt by Paramount HD-DVD decisions?

Cloverfield.jpgThere's a rumour going around, that may just be anti-Blu-ray sentiment, that the release of Cloverfield (Filmstalker review) on Blu-ray is going to be missing a whole raft of extras that were planned for the HD-DVD release.

The issue seems to be down to the release timescales, and that rather than delay the release of the disc and include all the extras on the Blu-ray disc, they're going to compromise the extras to keep the release date.

If this is true, and I am dubious, it would be a bit strange that Paramount hadn't thought ahead in their move to Blu-ray. Are we seriously expected to believe that they just woke up one day and realised that HD-DVD was dead and then panicked, scrambling to get the company shifted across to Blu-ray?

I don't think so. They would have seen this coming and would have been preparing for Blu-ray releases. They may not have gone to the stage of getting people in to start creating the HD-DVD discs in Blu-ray just in case they moved, but they would have been prepared for a rapid switch over.

Even ignoring that fact, we see dates being moved all the time for releases in order to complete the film or disc offering, why not here?

I think it's much more likely that they are taking this opportunity to release a standard version and then a Director's/Collectors/Special edition at a later date and do the old double dipping but with high definition prices.

Here's the quote from Tagruato Blog through Bloody Disgusting:

"A lot of people worked hard for over a month creating some amazing extra features for the HD release of Cloverfield. At first it looked like not many consumers would see these features, as the release was planned for HD-DVD like Paramount's other recent titles. But now that Toshiba's HD-DVD format is dead, Paramount is scrambling to release "Cloverfield" on Blu-ray - on the original HD-DVD street date. As a result, the current belief is that there's not enough time to program all the extra features (including lots of new story stuff, along the lines of the viral campaign's backstory) in time for the Blu-ray release, and all this great work will be scrapped."

My money, if this is true, is on the added bonus for the studio of double dipping on a more expensive format.



There hasn't even been an official release date set for Cloverfield on DVD! There would be absolutely no harm in delaying their tentative date by a couple of months so that they could get this release set for Blu-ray.

I wholeheartedly agree though Richard, this is a guaranteed double-dip.

They can't release a blue version on time because the current blu ray specs do not support the same set of special features HD DVD can disks can do. It's going to be the end of the year before such players are widely available.

What was on the HD-DVD version that can't be supported on Blu-ray? As far as I had heard there wasn't anything technically challenging, just a lot of content.

Plus with the pending update of 2.0 (BD-live), there shouldn't really be anything that couldn't be supported now on Blu-ray.


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