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Coen's film with heroin addict messiah

CoenBrothers.jpgThe next film from the Coen Brothers is going to be A Serious Man, however they've just announced the project after that which will be a film based on the novel The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon.

The story is a noir style whodunnit where the victim was a heroin addicted chess prodigy who might well have been the messiah. Oh yes, there's a story for you.

This one may well turn its focus away from the main plot line as the backdrop sees the U.S. government relocating Jewish settlers from Sitka, Alaska as it returns the land to the Alaskan natives.

Now that's an even more strange and complex tale according to the Variety story. Perhaps it will, by means of the main plot, bring through the story of relocation and look at the Alaskan natives right to their own land, maybe even making comparisons with other land disputes and settlements in the world. Those who have read the novel will know the real story, and if you have, leave us all some comments about it please.

The Coen brothers are going to be writing, directing and producing, so it looks like we'll be getting their unique vision undiluted by box office requirements, something I'm really keen to see, especially after No Country for Old Men (Filmstalker review) - and that's despite my dislike of the dropping of the main plot.

There was a time where I really thought that the Coen brothers were too quirky, too hit and miss, but the power that was apparent in No Country for Old Men has really turned that thought around.



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