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Conan in court?

Conan.jpgIt seems that court battles holding up productions are becoming all the rage just now in Hollywood as we hear that another company is looking to recoup profits that it believes it was due.

This time it's Conan the Barbarian, and the company is suing for profits not only from the first film but also the sequel.

From the Reuters story through Yahoo News, it isn't entirely clear what affect this would have on the planned Conan the Barbarian remake, which will be a more faithful adaptation of the Robert E. Howard novel, but presumably they have obtained the rights correctly from Conan Properties International.

If they haven't then there's the distinct possibility that through the chain of companies that have owne the rights to the film, that they could be in line for a law suit too.

The story seems rather complex, but it comes down to the fact that the deal with the original film producer was that he retained the rights for five years. However as the film came out it was sublicensed to another company, and it seems that things grew more complex with a series of handoffs. Eventually the company managed to recoup what it was due, however the agreement seems to have been breached as the story carries the statement:

"The defendants have breached the original Pressman agreement and 1983 settlement, the complaint alleges, by 'failing to remit to (Conan Properties) 5% of 100% of all net profits derived from the exploitation of the first film...and any sequel...based upon the Property, including but not limited to domostic and international distribution on DVD.'"

So could this affect the current production? Right now I'm not sure, but it certainly seems that there are a number of companies being sought for the profits they've made from Conan to date.



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