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Craig and Arterton talk Quantum of Solace

JamesBond.jpgThe following video not only has Daniel Craig being interviewed about the new Bond film Quantum of Solace, but it shows some behind the scenes filming in Panama as well as a few words from one of the new Bond girls Gemma Arterton.

There's a full five minutes of the Bond feature and we get to hear a few really drawn out teases from the star.

It has to be said that watching this clip is pretty painful, after all there's probably more introduction and graphics time than there is for actually seeing anything from Quantum of Solace and from Bond himself, Daniel Craig.

Even then the interviewing is painful, and you can hear Craig's exasperation at being asked some incredibly inane and shallow questions. Probably also at the frustration of being called Crag all the time!

You can see the Entertainment Tonight clip of Daniel Craig, Gemma Arterton and Quantum of Solace footage right here from YouTube through Mr. Bond forums.

I told you it was painful. So what did we learn? Well we got a really cool glimpse of the Aston Martin again, a gorgeous car, and saw some onset action from Panama doubling as Bolivia, we also caught that Solace will literally kick off right after Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) ended (well we knew that already) and there's the titbit that Bond may fall in love again soon. However with shallow interviewing like that I doubt we're going to glean anything interesting.



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