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Dark Matter trailer online

MerylStreep.jpgI was just writing about Dark Matter and how the film was going to get a release, and hey presto, here's the trailer online. I have to say that it really has taken me by surprise as it isn't what I expected.

The film stars Meryl Streep, Aidan Quinn and Ye Liu and is based on actual events of a previous school shooting in the U.S.

Dark Matter tells the story of a Chinese student who turns violent when his chances for a Novel Prize were ruined by internal school politics.

However watching the trailer it's much more of a compact thriller and looks to isolate the characters and their interactions, something which I think is good as we'll get a very internalised and analytical film, rather than some sensationalised, violence dwelling piece.

Chen Shi-Zheng directed the film and the trailer looks very powerful, and not a mention of the violent end to the student's life. Perhaps we're going to see something where none of the actual ending is shown, and we're left to ponder on the development of the characters.

Anyway, enough analysis, here's the trailer for you to look at courtesy of Coming Soon [Flash].



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