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Depp, Law and Farrell replace Ledger

HeathLedger.jpgIt was so hard to believe that I didn't even think it was true, but Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell may well be joining Terry Gilliam's film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus to replace Heath Ledger.

Now it is a great loss that Heath Ledger has passed away, but I don't think the loss of his talent requires these three actors to replace him. Any one of them could have done the job.

In what seems to be a strange case of turnaround the big trade name Variety is carrying the rumour from AICN, something I through would be nigh on impossible to see, they haven't even used their own might to get a confirmation.

So it's still a rumour for the moment, but if Variety are carrying it you would think it might be a bit stronger than an Interflab carried one...of course they have been wrong in the past, and it's only fair to point out that they haven't even given the link to the AICN story that they used for the piece. Yes, I know I haven't either, but since I don't have the direct link and I couldn't find it with a couple of searches, I'm stumped.

Why does it take all three actors though? Or is this just a new idea from Terry Gilliam? I can see that Heath Ledger was maybe comparable to Johnny Depp and that he could easily replace him, but surely Ledger wasn't of such great acting ability that his talent requires all three actors to replace him?

Still the rumour of casting for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus seems to have held ground and it could well be true, and it seems to fit well with the story as in it the character played by Heath Ledger steps into three different mirrors and each one transports him into a new dimension. It would seem that in each of these dimensions it will be one of the three new actors who will play the role.

It certainly is a good fit, but the other thought is perhaps three big name actors are going to weigh down the Gilliam production, after all his films do have a tendency not to be overly commercial at the box office. I wonder if they are all taking full salaries? Surely that will make the production top heavy too?



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