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Director found for Romero's Crazies

TheCrazies_Poster.jpgThe Crazies is a cracking horror film from George A. Romero, but is pretty dated now, although the idea still heavily appeals.

Just recently we heard that the remake was still on the cards, despite a lengthy quiet period, and today we hear that a director has been announced and that George A. Romero will indeed be producing.

Now whether that just means collecting a cheque for allowing the remake to happen or whether he is taking a healthy and active interest in the film we don't know just yet, but it is certainly good news.

The director, oh I almost forgot, that's Breck Eisner according to Variety. So think Sahara...he's also directing Creature from the Black Lagoon right now.

Okay, if I'm honest I really don't know what to say about the appointment of Breck Eisner on the film, I can't really be sure if it's a good thing or not. Thinking purely of the direction of Sahara I'd think that we could be in for an exciting and tense film, but can he turn his hand to horror?

Well I would guess that unless Creature from the Black Lagoon is turning out to be a cartoon version of itself, which it isn't as it's slated as science fiction-horror, then he's obviously got what it takes to impress those hiring.

I remember the knitting needle through the eye scene in The Crazies, and the whole idea of being trapped in a quarantined town filled with psychotic killers, and these faceless government killers walking around in protective suits, and it freaked me out. It really did, and I loved it.

I really hope this remake can do the same and that Eisner can recapture those feelings. What are your memories of the film?



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