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Director talks Jumper 2 and Valerie Plume

DougLiman.jpgDoug Liman has been talking about his ideas for a sequel to Jumper (Filmstalker review) as well as what he has in store for the film Valerie Plume, the film starring Nicole Kidman which is about the CIA Agent that was outed by the U.S. Government when she spoke out against the weapons of mass destruction theory.

He's already revealed he has some bizarre new style lined up for the filming of the Valerie Plume story, something never been done before. As for Jumper 2, he reveals some big surprises which are definitely spoilers for the books, so look away if you don't want to know.

For the Valerie Plume story Doug Liman says that it's going to be radical and revolutionary:

"I have a take on the material that if I go do it would be the most radical and revolutionary move of my career...it's so outrageous that the way I look at it, I'm taking material that could be, you know, just a docu-drama and I'm making it into art. I'd be doing you know ultimately what a filmmaker should do which is not just tell a story but push the boundaries of story-telling."

Wow, sounds like he really does have something special up his sleeve, but I'm still really curious because he's skirted the real meat of the question from the Collider interview through /Film.

When he says that it's going to be art more than documentary type drama that sounds great, but when the story is about a CIA Agent betrayed by their own Government? How can that be arty?

He then goes onto talk about the possibilities for Jumper 2, and while some of them are pretty outlandish, they all have amazing possibilities:

"I actually have a ton of ideas for the sequel because this is whole new arena for me and so my mind was in overdrive the whole time and most of the ideas I came up with we either could tease or just save it for a sequel and so it's…this power can be used to leave this planet, this power can be used ultimately to go back in time, this power can be used if you go and work for the government you'd be the ultimate Jason Bourne."

Now imagine that, he can start travelling off the planet. Well that's great, but can't he only travel to places he's seen, whether that be with his own eyes or in a photo? How could he teleport to a planet then? He'd only be able to teleport to ones in our solar system that have been photographed from the ground, otherwise wouldn't he end up in orbit or something, and wouldn't there be no atmosphere? I'm really confused by that notion.

As for time, well that would mean Jumpers leaping about and changing time right left and centre. The timeline of humanity would become like a huge wiki where Jumper after Jumper are leaping all over the place and making changes upon changes. Actually now that sounds really interesting.

You could jump back and make a change only to find that it affects another jumper in the future in some way who leaps back and changes things again, and those changes come back and affect you, or other jumpers, and so...it goes on.

What is really interesting though is what he says about the second book in the series. Since I haven't read the books this was a huge reveal to me so it may well be to you too, but it's also quite a blow and nothing near what I thought he was talking about initially.

You see he starts by saying:

"there's one massive hint in the film for the ultimate twist that would take place in the sequel, which is…"

Now at this point I thought he meant the ending where, and this is where the spoilers really begin, he meets his mother face to face and it turns out that they are enemies, and not just that but that she's going to hunt him down anyway and she'll give him a head start.

Now I loved that moment, the best part of the whole film in my mind because it does open up so many possibilities and could also make the sequel a little darker.

However it turns out he doesn't mean that at all, and what he's going for is a big twist in the second book which to me makes little sense.

"I guess people will read the 2nd book so they'll know, but Rachel Bilson's character learns how to teleport in the 2nd book."

So it turns out you're not born with the power but that you can learn it. Now that is strange. I really don't get that myself and I'm not sure how it would fit if his girlfriend learns to jump too. In a way I think that weakens the plot somewhat because she was the normal human dealing with his power.

What do you think? Out of those ideas for a Jumper sequel which do you see working the best, or do you have your own?



Well I really enjoyed Jumper, I thought it was a great start to what could be a trilogy of entertaining films. I kinda think it as a 'phantom menace' type film for the other films to expand on. All stories have to start somewhere and when this finished we walked out of the theatre and to the car constantly talking about Jumper (and all the possibilities). To me, that means it was a good film worth watching. can't wait for the sequels.

"you're not born with the power but that you can learn it." .. I like this concept, just like walking which we take for granted, there are hidden skills that we could develop, if firstly we knew it to be possible & secondly knew how .. I think this would be a hook for the audiences.

I thought Jumper was a fantastic film! I loved the mythology in it. I've been thinking about it constantly since I saw it a week ago. I would just love to see a sequel and find out more about Jumpers and their history.

*Contains Spoilers*

Since Griffin mentioned the jumper he knew who tried to jump large objects, i've been wondering about other jumpers and also other abilities such as "how far can they jump?". I'd like to see this explored in the next film but it doesn't have to be extensive, just a bit of information would be cool.

And there must be plenty of other Jumpers in hiding around the world.

I do like the concept that you can learn how to jump, but I would like the ability to jump is given only to few people. Griffin and David would go back to the past and search the traits of jumper, and finds out that their jumping traits came from the same person. It wasn't passed genetically, but it was chosen by the jumpers to pass the powers to the next person, and David and Griffin was chosen by this one jumper. Something like this.

The concept of having the ability to jump can be trained is interesting. I would like to see more roles of David and Griffin's team work. Griffin is reluctant to become David's friend, but he do like David. I would want to see more frienship in Jumper 2. It would be fun if there was more than 5 jumpers teaming up to fight against Paladins. David meeting his mom in a fight would be interesting. I would want to see something like this at Jumper 2

I acutally feel the jumps should go in the direction of a leap thru the alternate dimentions. For instance what if we have a twinner like in the steven king book the talisman, our twinners parallel us in dimentions therefore we can jump to other worlds thru the space and time like the pattern described in wheel of time the the weave of time is what shapes our live our destiny can be changed by a taveren or a jumper.

Can't they only jump to places they've been to before, or at least places they've actually seen? I thought that was made a premise of the first film, hence their travel gallery and if that was captured then it made it difficult for them to jump places.


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