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Doomsday hardcore clips online

Doomsday.jpgNeil Marshall's Doomsday has been promising a lot, and he has been talking about it being pretty full on. Well to be fair I never realised how much he was going for it until I saw these clips from the film.

There's plenty of action, and it doesn't look as cheesy as I thought it might with the Mad Max style gangs, in fact it looks incredibly hardcore. So be warned, this is definitely not safe for work, and indeed not safe for a lot of places!

I'm loving what I'm seeing here through Twitch. Neil Marshall is really cranking up both the violence and the gore in Doomsday, and in some scenes it really gives you the scene of the effect of weapons on the human body.

The scene I'm particularly talking about is that one with the shotgun, it's pretty brutal, and the other clips aren't exactly letting up. This looks superb, and I'm definitely signing up for the first viewing I can get my hands on. See what you think.

Well? I'm really pretty excited about this. It doesn't look like he's pulling any punches, as poor Rhona Mitra can attest to in that last scene. You know what is funny though? Seeing poor Sean Pertwee playing a wounded soldier once again, is this a running gag?



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