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Edgar Ramirez in Escobar

EdgarRamirez.jpgEdgar Ramirez looks as though he could be close to being cast in the lead of Antoine Fuqua's Escobar, one of the films that will be made about the biographical film about Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug trafficker and gang leader.

The film is based on the book Mi Hermano Pablo written by Roberto Escobar Gaviria who was Pablo Escobar's accountant and confidant and whose company holds the rights of the Escobar family.

Currently Joe Carnahan is developing another film about the man called Killing Pablo.

When asked about the rumoured Escobar casting by Collider, Edgar Ramirez responded with:

"It would be a great challenge and it would be a great responsibility to history-of contemporary history-in my region. We're talking about a character who really definitely changed the face of a whole country and the face of a whole region, and a character filled with contractions. A character who for half of his nation he represented hope and emancipation for the other half represented horror, terror and desperation, so it would be quite a challenge and something very interesting to get involved with."

He then went on to confirm that it was well over fifty percent certain that he would get this role.

Although the casting isn't as big named as the other Escobar film, I do think that Edgar Ramirez is just as strong.



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