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Estevez writing and directing The Public

EmilioEstevez.jpgThere seems to be two sides to Emilio Estevez. There's the young, quick witted actor pre-Bobby, and the superb writer/director post Bobby, and there's no stopping him. He's written a film called The Public and is set to direct it, and again it's a very socially aware story.

The story is based on a Los Angeles Times piece about the how the homeless and the mentally ill are beginning to find sanctuary in public libraries as the government continues to cut funding for shelters and aid programs.

According to the news report from Reuters through Yahoo News, Estevez was visiting festivals with his film Bobby when Harvey Weinstein said to him:

“You have a voice and use it. And don't follow up 'Bobby' with something frivolous”

Wow, how ironic is that coming from Weinstein? Well okay, that is a bit unfair, they have produced a lot of quality, but at the same time...

Apparently Emilio Estevez had researched much of Bobby in public libraries, and it was only after he read the article and heard these wise words of wisdom that he returned to the library to see for himself, and it seems he was surprised.

He says “it was every bit as bad as the op-ed piece described it”. That makes me wonder just how bad the situation is, for it to have captured his imagination in such a way to write and direct a film about it.

It's stunning really to imagine that this is the Estevez I enjoyed watching and identified so well with during those early films such as Repo Man, The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire. Now he's an accomplished and proven writer/director who seems to be beginning a huge chapter of his career and life.

You really have to wonder what he's going to bring to the screen in years to come, and just how much more talent is in there.



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