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Updated: Final Family Guy competition results

FamilyGuy-BlueHarvest.jpgThe competition to win one of two copies of Family Guy Blue Harvest on DVD was slightly delayed as I had only received one copy. Now they're both in I have the answers right here.

However there's something a little extra. I don't want to decide the winners myself because the entries are so good, so I'm leaving it up to you to decide who should win.

It's simple enough to do, you can see the entire list of entries below, each has a code for my reference and the number of votes (or stalks) it's received on Filmstalker Readers. So just head over to the Family Guy competition category on Filmstalker Readers and start reading and voting for your favourites.

Remember you have to sign up to be able to vote for your favourite, but it's not that difficult to do.

If you're one of the people who entered, get yourself over there and vote for your entry now, and for everyone else I'd recommend reading these, some of them are hilarious.

You can see how they do right here as this is a live feed. Get voting - you decide who wins.

Well the competition has closed for the Family Guy: Blue Harvest DVD's, and there are two clear winners, the rest of you were all "fire and forget" and missed an easy chance to win.

Although I don't publish winners names and details online, I am going to write up the entries and the winners, because some of them are pretty funny.

It was easy in that all you had to do was send in your details and what Star Wars character you would like to be, along with a reason. Simple. Then you had to go to Filmstalker Readers and get voting for your favourites.

What most of those people who entered missed out on was voting for themselves, and next to no one did that, and therefore those who took the time to sign up and managed to get votes from other regular readers won.

So here are the answers grouped together in order of most Stalked.

4 Stalks:

"I'd have to be Jek Porkins. The significance of his role in Star Wars is lost on many, who fail to realise that Lucas was making an important social commentary about the place of fat people in elite fighting units. His short, bearded life was snuffed out during the battle of Yavin, in what should be a stark reminder to all that if you are enormously fat, have a name that makes you SOUND enormously fat, and you join an elite starfighter unit… you're reaching above your station and are going to die in a spectacular fireball BECAUSE you're so fat you have your fighter's artificial gravity set so low you think you can pull out of an impossible dive.

Porkins - Know Your Place."

2 Stalks:

"If I were to be a star wars character, it would have to be Yoda - old, wise, has the force (can you feel it?), great with a light sabre, a bit short to be fair. Oh, and riddles backwards always talks in. What's that all about? We'll not even go into where Jim Henson's hand lives!

Hmm. On second thoughts, just put me down for Han Solo, the coolest man in the universe. And hey, I didn't shoot first, ok? Any more of that nonsense and you'll have to listen to the double cd of the Cantina Band's greatest remixes!"

1 Stalk:

"I'd be Obi-wan, I'd be remembered as the guy that got through death & lived + turning up un-invited has its own perks, the less said here the better me thinks. :-P"

"I would be Princess Leia.......the Gold bikini... I have never been a fantasy before!!!!"

"Chewbacca - beacause i could get through life by just grunting."

"A wokkie cos im cuddly"

"I would be R2D2, then I wouldnt need to spend as much time on my hair and make up!!"

"I would have to be princess leah, running round shooting things, everyone doing things for me , even the crazy hair style would be wonderful"

"Yoda because he's cute, small, green...and a Jedi Master"

"Han Solo : Fast Car (MF) and great big pussy to play around with (Chewie)"

"Chewbacca because I'm pretty hairy, and of course I wouldn't think twice about sacrificing myself to save my best friend's son!"

"Chewbacca, i wouldn't have to shave every morning!"

"Yoda - cos hes short and brainy, and im tall and stupid!!!"

"I'd be Yoda - I'm short, and at times have a really wild hairdo! Oh and as my husband says, I know everything!"

"I would be Chewbacca because "being an unsociable teenager all you (I) do is grunt and moan" (say my parents)"

"Chewbacca - because he's got a complete character and is funny when you least expect it. And because he's so cuddly!"

"I would be Luke Skywalker because i am a little bit of an attention seeker and he is certainly always at the centre of attention!"

"I would have to be Darth Vader, because then I could get a real costume and get my head out of this darn bucket!!"

"Obi Wan Kenobi.. I just want to play with a real lightsabre"

"jaba the hutt , old school power hungry fat controller, animatronic puppet not cgi version.! being a huge slug and being tethered to leia its got be be a winner."

"I would be R2. Isn't it cool that he can pretty much evade anyone, plus if he dies he just gets transferred into another bot!"

"Darth Vader - because that 2 finger, throat cruncher jedi thing he does on that annoying death star manager would be brilliant to have. 'are you watching football again? The place is a mess! Things are gonna change!'….MWAP MWAP MWAP….excellent!"

"I would be is princes lia hell I would look better in a dress have a cuter ass and play the part with a pair of melons down my top bigger than hers"

"An Ewok because they're short (vertically challenged?!?), cuddly (fat?!?), cute and speak gobbledygook (a lot like me but without the cuteness!)."

"Jabba the Hutt because I have always wanted to improve my looks!"

"Jabba The Hut so I've every excuse I need to slob on the settee eating everything in sight :)"

"Chewbacca - because I'm big, hairy and few people understand me! :-)"

"I would want to be chewbacca and not have to worry about bikini lines and under arm hair"

"I would be Princess Leia Organa beacause she is beautiful,whitty & married to a handsome man!!"

"I would be Yoda because then I wouldn't have to shave my legs or spend ages making myself lovely, and I would be wise enough to see when people are being crap!"

"I would be Jar Jar Binks, so I could be really annoying and get away with it."

"I would be Jabba the Hut, maybe I could get free subscription to weight watchers! Imagine the great value for money at the eat all you can buffet at Pizza Hut..Haha!"

"It would be Dr Spock without a doubt, I could imagine having his big ears by putting some shoes, upside down, over my ears and trying to keep a good 'somber face' to stop me from floating to another planet!"

"I would be an Ewok (Wicket). Cute, cuddly, but bloody mean when annoyed because I just want to be loved and cuddled, etc, etc, but no-one taking advantage."

"I would be Darth Vader. It might not be original but I'd like to use the death grip on my evil boss the next time she tries to bully me! No, seriously, I would. Really."

Congratulations to those who won, an email is in the ether!



Come on, need some more votes here, it doesn't take long to register and vote :)

Thanks Michelle - I'd actually forgotten about this myself. It looks like if we don't get something soon I'll have to close the competition and declare the winners, and that's without people even voting for their own!


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