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Far Cry trailer online

UweBoll.jpgI feel like writing "Boll's" before each article about his films, mainly because he's just so unique in his films that you almost think he should have his own genre. Not that I'm saying he's good, just that as a talent he's very unique and individual!

Now his latest videogame adaptation, which seems to be his film of choice at the moment, has a trailer online. Far Cry. Having played the game myself, I recognise the storyline but I'm just astonished that there are still stars who would sign for these films, particularly Udo Keir.

You can definitely see the drop in talent since he's lost the ability to gain extra funding from the German government, but it looks like nothing is going to stop him. Unfortunately.

So here's the new trailer for Far Cry. See what you think. For me it's much like Uwe Boll's Tunnel Rats trailer, just a collection of images with the barest of story being shown in some of them, and if it wasn't for the fact that I had played the game and knew the story, I think I'd be confused.

The trailer comes from Twitch through HorrorMovies.ca.

I've just realised, and I thought I had recognised his face in the trailer, Craig Fairbrass is in it. Oh dear, from the heady days of Cliffhanger.



he is called UDO KIER not KEIR! and i cannot believe that he is in that crap.

Gee whiz, line me up and shoot me for getting the I and the E mixed up.


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