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Fast and the Furious 4 cars in action

FastandtheFurious.jpgPictures of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker behind the scenes aren't that exciting really, even in Fast and the Furious 4. What is exciting is the video of some of the cool cars leaving the film set, and that's online.

Sure you can see Paul Walker getting into a car and being driven away from the set of Fast and the Furious 4, but the real stars follow right after, driven past the cameraman, and some of them look and sound wonderful.

I like fast cars, but not as much as the modding community who are mad keen on making them look, sound and perform the best that they possibly can, and I think that you guys will be most impressed with the parade of vehicles coming out of the cemetery where they were filming.

You can see the video over at JFX Online [Flash] through Cinema Blend. Forget the stars of Fast and the Furious 4, look at those cars.



Oh dear GOD. I'm a little over excited. I just can't help myself. Did you hear those things accelerate???

Sound almost as good as the Tesla...


Sup yall, it's been a long time. The last time I posted here has been a couple of months ago. I see that Vin and Paul has been at it in making this movie. It's good to feel like the franchise is returning. Yall need to check out one of the stars included named Gal Gadot. She is fine and my baby mama. Lol Jus kidding. I'll keep in touch.


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