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Filmstalker Hotdog Awards categories

Hotdog-small.gifWe've not tried a awards list here on Filmstalker yet, and with every site doing them and the awards I worked hard on for the last site I was at being unceremoniously dropped, I thought it about time we kicked ours off.

So introducing the Filmstalker Hotdog Awards. Awards that will be solely created and voted by you, the reader and the audience.

I'm going to go with the way I tried this before because it gave some great results, although it was a little confusing to get going.

There will be three rounds of voting. The first round will see readers suggesting and voting on the categories they would like to see. I'll start off with the obvious such as Best Film, Best Actor, etc. and then you can add more and vote on the existing.

Once that round closes I'll gather all the top categories - depending on numbers the lowest voted will be dropped, that probably means any with one vote!

The second round will have you suggesting and voting on the nominees for the category. When that closes the same system will be applied to pick the nominees for each category.

The final round will see you voting on the nominees in each category and picking the actual winners. This round will close with the single most popular voted entry being the winner for each category.

Sound okay? Instructions clear?

To get started head over to Filmstalker Readers and add your category suggestions and/or vote for those already there.

You do have to sign up but this information goes nowhere other than the system used to run it, and it allows you to get involved and post new stories to Filmstalker and the other readers too. For information on how to use it, select the How To option from the menu once you get there.

One point to note is that you can enter a blank link to begin. So head over, sign up, and get going. Any problems drop a comment below. I hope to leave each round open for a few weeks, just to try and get as any votes as possible.

You can see the current entries and their votes by viewing the Filmstalker Hotdog Awards category on the Readers site, there's even an RSS feed to go along with it.

The voting for categories has now closed and the results were:

Best Film
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Director
Best Editing as suggested by chrisrus
Best Adapted Screenplay as suggested by Simone
Best Original Screenplay as suggested by Simone
Best Villain as suggested by Weezy
Best Acting Ensemble as suggested by Simone
Best TV Series available on DVD as suggested by BKelloggSr
Best Film Score as suggested by BKelloggSr

Right, get submitting and voting!



Will we be voting for the Best of 2007 in these categories Rich?

Yeah I think so. You can vote for anything that was released in 2007 in the country you watch films in. So even if the rest of the world saw something in 2006 or 2008, if it saw a commercial release in 2007 in your home country, you can vote for it.

I also just voted a few more categories in Filmstalker readers.

I just saw the banner for the Hotdog awards Rich- very hip! :)

It is cool! It's my first banner....now we need more people voting.

Sorry Richard,

Not sure I get it. When I head over to the "readers", I see a bunch of recent artcles in a similar format to DIGG. I don't see anything about Hot Dog awards or voting for best film, etc. I'm fairly internet savvy. What am I missing?

It's pretty easy, and if you've used Digg and are Internet savvy then you should be laughing.

Selecting the Filmstalker Hotdog Awards category above shows you just the entries added under that category.

Sign up and vote for these and add your own by submitting a story, giving a blank link, and entering the award title in the subject line, then just submit - make sure you put it under the category of Hotdog Awards.

Looking at the top of Filmstalker Readers there's a menu option that says tutorial - that walks you through how to use the system.

Pretty easy really.


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