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Filmstalker's Week 28th January to 3rd February

Newspapers.jpgIt has been another busy week on Filmstalker, so if you've missed anything this is the place to catch up. News,reviews and trailers from the last week are all here.

A trip to Subway for me and Richard led to a feature on the Best Death Scenes in film. And to think we only went out for a sandwich.....

Richard reviewed The War On Democracy, a documentary investigating the United States involvement in the democratic governments of South America. Turns out some are doing just fine with them...

And he also had the opportunity to see Cloverfield.

Demi Moore in decent film shock. Have a look at the trailer for Flawless, which also stars Michael Caine. They plot a diamond robbery at their workplace, only it turns into something even bigger. The trailer looks good, and Moore and Caine look like they have two great roles.

88 Minutes stars Al Pacino as an expert witness, who after giving evidence sends a man to jail for multiple murders. He then receives a phonecall which says he only has 88 minutes to live. Is the man he put away playing games with him, and could he be innocent? The HD trailer is now available for what looks like a good Al Pacino film.

The Cottage next, a British horror comedy starring Andy Serkis, Jennifer Ellison and Reece Shearsmith. The trio end up in a remote cottage, only to find that someone already lives there, and he's not that hospitable. I quite like this one, especially the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously. I like my horror with a bit of a sense of humour.

You wait years for a film about the Chicago 10 and then two come along at once. Before Spielberg's interpretation is finished we have Brett Morgen's version. It mixes archive footage with animations which is certainly different. Voices for the animation include Nick Nolte, Mark Ruffalo, Roy Scheider and Liev Schreiber.

21 tells the true story of a group of students from MIT who are taught how to count cards by their professor, played by Kevin Spacey. They then hit Las Vegas in attempt to make big money to pay their tuition fees. The film version certainly seems to be exploring the effect their success has, and the problems which develop between the group.

Fancy a romantic comedy? Spiral is not for you. Joel Moore plays a loner who befriends a young woman. He begins to draw sketches of her, but soon things begin to unravel. Have a look at the trailer above, it's very creepy.

Juno is up for four Oscars this year, including Best Actress for Ellen Page. You can have a look at both the trailer and a few clips. This is one I'd definitely like to see.

When I first read the idea behind Lars and the Real Girl, I immediately thought it would be an all out comedy. A man orders a full size doll and acts as if it is his real girlfriend? However after watching the trailer it looks like a good film, and while it does have the obvious comic effect, there seems to be some real drama and characters in there too.

There are both trailers and clips online for Jumper. It follows a boy who finds he can teleport himself anywhere in the world. Sounds ideal to me, paradise here I come. He thinks he is the only person who can do this, until he meets someone else with the same skill. He then finds himself in the middle of a war between those that jump, and those that hunt them, fearing that the jumpers shouldn't exist.

Harvey Weinstein added his support for another Rambo film. With the latest Rambo film getting some good press, Weinstein would like to see one with Rambo maybe back in America. Guess we'll have to see what Sylvester Stallone has to say.

Guillermo del Toro is to direct J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. It will comprise of two films, with Peter Jackson already producing. Should be interesting to see what vision del Toro has for the films.

Vin Diesel has been talking about Fast and the Furious 4. He explains why he's decided to go back to the role. It will be great to see him and Paul Walker team up again.

HD-DVD took another blow this week with the news that Woolworths will be offering Blu-ray only. The main reason would seem to be the inbuilt Blu-ray player in the PS3. Whilst it's not as bad as a studio choosing Blu-ray exclusively it may be a sign of a trend to come.

Matt Reeves has been talking about all things Cloverfield. The director talks about how they came up with the filming style, and also about the monster itself. I think I can safely say I'm nearly heard enough about this film and would just like to see it already!

Mark Romanek was directing The Wolf Man starring Benicio Del Toro. It would seem budget issues meant he couldn't deliver the film that he wanted.

Well we didn't have to wait long to hear from Sylvester Stallone. He put to bed rumours of another Rambo film, he says that both Rambo and Rocky Balboa are finished. Looks like any new Rambo film will have a new star, surely that wouldn't be right?

No sooner had Mark Romanek left The Wolf Man than we heard rumours of his replacement. The first names to be linked with the film are Breck Eisner and Matt Reeves. Reeves is in vogue having directed Cloverfield, and Eisner is probably best known for Sahara.

The sequel to Cloverfield is definitely on, let's hope we have a long break before the juggernaut of hype starts all over again.

And finally the writers strike may finally be near an end after a tentative agreement between the two warring parties. Awesome, I want 24 back on as soon as possible.

So there we have it. A lot of good trailers this week, and with Cloverfield not even released in some countries a sequel is already on. It will be interesting to see if they rely on the same internet media campaign as they did with the first, and if it is as successful second time around.



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