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Filmstalker's Week 4th to 10 February

Newspapers.jpgThe weekly roundup is back covering the news,review and trailers of last week. Oh and there is also a competition to enter this week. Don't forget you can also suggest news stories for Filmstalker on Filmstalker readers.

Richard's latest feature covered the best death scenes in films. There are a few horrific ones already put forward so go check it out.

You can win a copy of Family Guy: Blue Harvest on DVD. This is open to UK readers of Filmstalker, and it closes at midnight on Sunday so don't delay.

Richard reviewed Control, the film which tells the story of Joy Division front man Ian Curtis.

He also reviewed M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water.

We saw the trailer for Morgan Spurlock's Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden.

And also Sex Death 101, starring Simon Baker, Winona Ryder, and Leslie Bib.

You can also see the trailer for Chaos Theory, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Milo Ventimiglia and Sarah Chalke.

Disney's next animated feature WALL-E also has a trailer online.

We found out this week who would replace Mark Romanek as director of Wolf Man. It's none of the people previously slated to replace him. It's actually Joe Johnston, also known for Hidalgo and ahem, Jurassic Park III.

Sylvester Stallone has signed up for two more action films, details to be confirmed. Good to see we've not seen the last of him yet.

It seems that the Nightmare on Elm Street remake will be going ahead without Robert Englund. I have to say I liked the first but after that I wasn't a fan.

Following his appearance in Spiderman 3, Venom may get his very own spin off film.

McG has been talking about Terminator 4 which he is directing.

Indiana Jones IV may be all about aliens, hmm hopefully The X Files sequel will follow suit.

Sylvester Stallone may be appearing in another Charles Bronson remake, this time it's The Mechanic.

We got a look behind the scenes of the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace . I can't wait to hear the theme song that incorporates that title into it.

It may be that we have had a sneak peek at the cars of Fast and the Furious 4.

Guillermo del Toro has expressed a desire to make a Doctor Strange film.

And finally the writers strike could be at an end this week. But then again I seem to remember writing that last week....Fingers crossed.



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