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Forgetting Sarah Marshall red band trailer online

KristenBell.jpgOkay, this isn't really red band, more pink band or some off-red colour, and the same thing goes for how funny Forgetting Sarah Marshall looks. If you imagine a funny scale as colour with red being extremely funny, then this could well be hitting somewhere just off-white.

The film sees a man trying to forget his girlfriend who has just dumped him by heading to Hawaii for a holiday. Oh dear, she's there too, and with her new, silly English famous boyfriend no less.

Oh hilarious, well, actually not. You can see the trailer for Forgetting Sarah Marshall over at Brightcove through Empire [Flash] who have the the exclusive. Frankly I'm struggling to even show an interest.

The only positive things could be Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis, because Russell Brand and the rest of the usual comedy crew look pretty poor.



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