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Full Sex and the City trailer shallow

SexandtheCity.jpgThe full trailer for Sex and the City is online and disappointing is not the word. It barely skims the surface and other than showing the usual camaraderie between the characters but there's where it all ends. It's really a collectioon of shots that make up the film and reintroduces all the characters.

In fact it looks like we're right back into the television series without any problems at all. Well, apart from one.

The trailer for Sex and the City: The Movie does suggest that there's a little friction between Carrie and Big about their upcoming wedding and the planning of it, hey newsflash, that's what happens planning weddings let me tell you that right now. Other than that we see the hint that Carrie might be calling off the wedding, which she quickly follows with a comment along the lines of "she let the wedding getting bigger than Big".

So really we're just seeing the characters together just as they were, talking about a wedding, and Carrie suggests she might have called it off because she concentrated on the wedding and forgot all about Big and his feelings.

Slap me now, I think I fell asleep. For the trailer without substance, simply have a look below. It comes from iKlipz through First Showing.



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