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Funny Games star attacks Saw and Hostel

MichaelPitt.jpgI'm due to see Funny Games tomorrow night and so I hope for a review to be here soon after, but it does strike me as strong and rather torturous horror. Apparently not so according to one of the stars of the film Michael Pitt, and he's rather vocal about films that it's being compared too.

He's not happy about Funny Games being compared to Hostel and Saw, and says he's more drawn to things like Lawrence of Arabia - what? Okay Funny Games has some serious issues and depth to it, but it's not a sprawling epic.

"[Audiences that don't like Funny Games] can kiss my ass. I hope they do [get angry with] Funny Games. It challenges you. If you're not up to the challenge, go see Saw."

Okay, well I'm up to "the challenge" and I'm going off to see Funny Games so I'll see how radically different it is to these films, which I think do carry some depth and don't deserve this lazy critic-wants-fame term torture porn.

The quote through Giant Magazine and Digital Spy has Michael Pitt sprawling on:

"I don't even know what Saw or Hostel are. Are they like Texas Chainsaw Massacre? I guess I'm drawn to things like Lawrence of Arabia."

Well that doesn't sound as harsh as one might think, he could be saying that he's genuinely not seen them, but if that's the case why is he belittling Saw in the other quote.

I'm keen to see just how different from the torture ideas in Hostel that this film really is, because I really did think that Hostel had a lot more to it than straight horror in the form of torture, something it didn't really have that much of anyway.

I'll save my lambasting of him until after I've seen the film, who knows, perhaps I'll be won over.



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