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Grindhouse comes to the UK

GrindHouse.jpgThe UK has already seen Death Proof (Filmstalker review) released but not the sister film Planet Terror hasn't, and the full film spectacular, Grindhouse, wasn't even going to get a breath of fresh air. Until now.

Edgar Wright is going to present a special screening of the film in London's Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square, and it's also showing at the Glasgow Film Festival.

You can get tickets for the London screening right here, and you'll be lucky to get any for the Glasgow screening, but try right here.

Now I'm not sure if this means that we're going to see a full UK release just yet, but I caught this story somewhere other than The Hollywood News the other day – my apologies I can't remember where, I'm sure someone can point me in that direction – and it said that a limited release of the complete Grindhouse was coming in the UK.

However the release would be to few selected cinemas who wanted to carry the film. That could be good news for those in Edinburgh as the local Cameo cinema often carries such smaller release films. Elsewhere I'm not so sure.

I do hope we get to see a UK release, it's not only the fact that the two films are together but it's the fake trailers as well, the whole Grindhouse experience.



Hmmm if you guys are getting then maybe some huge miracle we might get the Grindhouse experience over here, even if its just at a film festival. Weve had Death proof over here but it seems also that we wont be getting Planet Terror so I was going to buy it from the USA but maybe for now Ill wait and see if it does get a release over here. Fingers crossed.

It was IGN where I first saw it and then reported it over at StalePopcorn. Also, you might be interested Richard in the fact that it's going to be shown at the Glasgow Frightfest on 23rd of February. :D

I just wish I had a decent cinema somewhere near me as I would love to see this in it's complete form on the bigscreen, but I think the closest places to me that would be likely to screen it will be Cardiff or Bristol and that's, unfortunately, too damn far to travel. :(

Doh! That's what I get for halfreading first thing in the morning. My excuse is that I've only had one coffee so far! I totally missed that you had said about the Glasgow Frightfest! My bad.....

*slaps head repeatedly*

That's okay Wyverex - IGN was where I saw it...although if I'd seen it on StalePopcorn's feed I'd have surely read that one instead - and I actually do mean that!

The Glasgow screening is sold out, as is the screening of REC. I'm really hacked off about it, life has conspired against me with some really serious things happening in the last few weeks and I've totally dropped the ball in seeing these films.


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