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Hallam Foe director for Kutcher sex comedy

DavidMacKenzie.jpgDavid Mackenzie, the Scottish director behind the well received Hallam Foe, has been picked for his next film, and it's in Hollywood.

Spread is a sex comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Jason Leigh. However Mackenzie says he won't be drawn into the Hollywood system as many directors are.

“I am exceptionally excited to be shooting in Hollywood, but with an outsider's eye”

Are his exact words through Digital Spy. Good thing too, I'd hate to see David Mackenzie fall fowl of the Hollywood system and end up being crushed by the weight of studios and producers.

However I am surprised that he's heading to a comedy, sex or not, but the presence of Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and a first time script by Jason Dean Hall, do suggest that this isn't going to be a straight leap into Hollywood and that there might be more of a smaller feel to the fillm, something which I think is a good thing.

The story is set to follow Kutcher's character who is a serial womaniser, and Leigh is one of his old flames.

Kutcher is definitely picking some better roles for himself these days, and being directed by Mackenzie could be another strong choice. I'm sure those that have seen Hallam Foe (Filmstalker review) would agree.



It was on a limited release in my local cinema so I missed it, but will definitely add it to my rental queue.


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