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Headey and Bean in plague film

LenaHeadey.jpgLena Headey, Sean Bean and Rupert Friend are set to star in Black Death, a film set in medieval times of the first mass outbreak of the bubonic plague in the UK.

The film will follow a small group who are given the quest to hunt down a necromancer and find a peaceful village that has made a pact with the forces of darkness.

Looking at that character details, supplied by Reuters through Yahoo Movies, we get a little more about the plot. Lena Headey is to play the village elder who has made an evil pact to protect the village, and to this seemingly peaceful village arrives a young monk played by Rupert Friend who is investigating rumours of people being brought back to life. Sean Bean plays a mercenary priest who arrives in the village for a similar quest.

It seems typical casting for Bean to be honest, and with the word that Dario Poloni has written the script that Geoffrey Sax is to direct, I'm not sure how big this film is actually going to be. Sax previously directed White Noise and Stormbreaker.



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