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Holocaust silent march film

MarchoftheLiving.jpgThere's not one but two Holocaust films announced today, perhaps there are more but these are the two picked up by the press outlets today. This one is called March, or March of the Living, and will be an English language Brazilian documentary about a silent march in remembrance of the Holocaust from Auschwitz to Birkenhau.

The march is held every year and is made by something like eight thousand people, and not all are Holocaust survivors, a great deal of the number are made from those who are far younger and did not experience the events.

Jessica Sanders, who won a Special Jury prize at Sundance for the film After Innocence, is attached to direct according to Variety and cinematographer Heloísa Passos will be the director of photography and will shoot the film in high definition, which frankly every film should be these days.

Of the film and her choice to direct, Sanders says:

"I was attracted to the project's subject matter, seeing the Holocaust through the eyes of young people. And it's dynamic was intriguing that the film has a Brazilian perspective, which is unusual...'March' also touches important issues, such as the creation of memory. This is the last generation of young people and survivors to be together"

It sounds like this could be really interesting and has the potential to be a very powerful documentary that covers more than just the Holocaust march, however I'd be really curious to see how they are going manage to convey these ideas in the film, especially since it will be a documentary.



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