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Indiana Jones trailer edited for guns and flags?

IndianaJonesIV_Poster.jpgThis isn't as strange as you'd think, more clever marketing responding to world events, but is it really necessary?

It's been noticed that the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has been playing slightly differently in the International version from the U.S. version.

If you look at them both you'll see that in the International version, shown over at The Sun, the American Flag is removed and in the U.S. version the guns are hugely toned down with some heavy CGI usage.

Early on in the trailer when the first date appears for the release of the film, AICN through Sci Fi Wire have noticed that the American flag is missing in the International version of the film, and in the U.S. version when Indy says it's not going to be so easy as he and his sidekick are surrounded by bad guys, the guns have been removed in the U.S. version of the trailer.

Now I can understand that this is clever marketing by removing the flag, because you're not tying the hero and the franchise to that flag when there is a lot of negative feeling in the world about American politics. So maybe that is just the film-makers trying to make Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull appeal to the biggest audience possible.

Removing the guns though, isn't that just a bit of a delay tactic? Are they going to remove the guns from the whole film or when the U.S. audience go to see it are they going to say "beware contains scenes of people holding weapons and firing them"?

That seems a bit weird and a bit reactionary, and once again it feels as though they are hiding from recent events.

However is it just clever marketing and making sure that the trailer won't offend anyone? Speculation is rife as to whether this is down to the film-makers or the MPAA.

Here's the International trailer now in high definition. 480p, 720p and 1080p. Thanks to AICN for the links.



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