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India's biggest special effects film

ShahRukhKhan.jpgShah Rukh Khan is producing a film that could have the country's most expensive film which will challenge the world's beliefs about the Bollywood film industry and showcase the Indian special effects and animation companies.

The film will have a budget of US $25 million and is to be the biggest and best visual effects film that India has ever produced.

Shah Rukh Khan said of the film:

"We are dedicating the next eight or nine months to taking the best technicians from around the world and asking them to help us make the best VFX film India has ever made...It will madcap, over the top. I want it to be as beautiful as 'Spider-Man' in terms of effects."

Anubhav Sinha has been signed to direct the film, which is to be titled according to Variety, and will have the feel of a videogame - oh dear, hopefully not Boll territory - and will be about children who wish for bad things and get a huge shock when these things actually become a reality.

Apparently Khan is in advanced discussions with Charles Darby who was the visual effects expert on The Matrix and Minority Report, and a company called Eros who he worked with to launch an effects company in Mumbai called Eyeqube Studios.

It sounds like Shah Rukh Khan is really pushing himself towards being a more global star. Already he is often quoted as being the world's most recognisable film star, something I find rather surprising, and he told Variety that he would love to do a comedy action film like Jackie Chan. He'd also like to work with Steven Spielberg, James Cameron or Ang Lee, something that the scope and size of this film might just get him. However for now his dreams are a little more modest, a little:

"As a producer I'd like to make the Indian film that genuinely crosses borders, where you forget that it has a language, like 'Life Is Beautiful.' I didn't realize at first that it was an Italian film. Or 'The Lives of Others.' I think I can do it in my lifetime, maybe in the next five years."

Now that is something I'd like to see, the merging of lines between Bollywood and Hollywood, not so that they become so much alike, but that they have a body of films that are easily accessible by both audiences and that expand the minds of each other's audiences. Perhaps this effects film might go a little way to doing just that.



I really should start watching SRK's films at least to make our friend Ram happy.

Ram is always happy & never happy. (There is always room for improvement)

I'm glad to hear this news, especially hearing it 'first' from Filmstalker ..

SRK is a bit of an effects nut. He wasn't too happy with the way Don was shaping up visually, so he opened up his own Visual Effects company to ensure it looks the best it can. You can count on him to take each production a step in the right direction.

I'm going to make a concerted effort to get more into Bollywood before Bollywood takes over!

I think he's hinting at a big push towards Hollywood too. Do you think that'll compromise his Bollywood career/audience in any way?

Not at all. He's pretty focussed on improving Bollywood rather than moving away from it. From many interviews & such like I can say he has a pretty strong standing whereby he wants to bring the international audiences to Indian Cinema & if that means reaching out & getting it out there to them, then so be it. (Sounds like me doesn't he?? Hehe)

So I'd say the big push towards Hollywood, by getting them involved is part of the reaching out. As for his Bollywood career/audience. He has a huge fan base. I can't really express the magnitude of their dedicated following. I'd say this is something Hollywood doesn't have.

Johnny Depp (just used as an example) will not have as many millions of people watch his film simply based on the fact that he is in it. The fact that he has delivered each time only makes the fans even more trusting. They'll follow whatever he does.

You know what crazy idea I have? SRK and Night working on a film together, is that even remotely possible?

That's true Ram, in Hollywood there's a desire to chase the celebrity, not the talent - if you know what I mean.

Quoting him word for word:

"There is no place for me in Hollywood or in the European cinema. I would like to continue to work in India and to take Indian cinema to the outside world."


"I'm waiting for someone like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron or some other great person like Ang Lee to make a film a film about a brown, thin, scrawny Indian guy who doesn't speak English too well. If they ever have a character like that and Google it, I'm sure they'll find me...Seriously, it would have to be character-specific. I'd love to do an action-comic film like Chris Rock and Jackie Chan."

Hehe .. I interpret that as mild humour to be honest.. considering his English is very far from bad. Sure, he wouldn't turn down a good offer, but who would turn down an offer from the likes of Cameron or Spielberg??

He wouldn't have done 'Marigold' like Salman Khan did though, nor 'The Last Legion' like Aishwarya Rai did ;) .. I think that's the point he's making (without peeving them off).

I wouldn't...for fear of embarrassing myself!

Ach, actually who am I kidding?!

i intrested animation's
you need...thanks


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