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Jamie Foxx is Mike Tyson?

MikeTyson.jpgThe rumour that Jamie Fox was to play Mike Tyson appeared some time ago and keeps rearing it's ugly head, usually with one ear nibbled off, however the story has appeared again, and this time it's Mike Tyson himself that's talking about the film.

Not only is he talking about the film, but he's talking about Jamie Foxx playing him in it.

According to Mike Tyson's comments through WENN and Starpulse News Blog, Jamie Foxx is locked in for the role:

“Jamie Foxx and I will be working together. He will play me in the film about my life. We already talked about it several times...”

Well we know the conversations have been ongoing, but I don't think he's exactly signed up for the role as they'd like to think, from Tyson's comments there he's certainly interested and they have been talking, but there's nothing like an iron contract between the two.

However it is the most movement we've had on the story for some time, and with Jamie Foxx going through a slew of these real life character roles just now, perhaps the time is right.

Tyson appears to think so and he says he's a reformed man:

“Even when I was training for a fight, there were no drugs, but I would drink. I had never been clean and sober my whole life. This is the first time. I'm tired of losing. I lost the trust of my family, my five kids. I didn't like that way of life and decided to change. I saw the devil and didn't want that.”

Could there really be a Mike Tyson film happening? We had heard that there was going to be a documentary about the man from James Toback, a long time friend and collaborator. His film wasn't planning on glossing over any of the darker deeds from the man and would not be making some form of cinematic apology for him.

Is this the same film that Tyson is talking about now? If that's the case it wouldn't be a documentary but a biographical film, and since Tyson was involved in Toback's film then it might be the same one.

Regardless there's no one better to play Mike Tyson than Jamie Foxx in my eyes, just as long as the portray the good with the bad and don't over idolise the man.



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