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Jane joins McTiernan's Run

ThomasJane.jpgJohn McTiernan is returning to the action thriller with a film that sounds pretty full on in the action department and one which will now star Thomas Jane who is most known for his roles as The Punisher and in The Mist.

The film, called Run, basically sounds like a non-stop car chase film where the thriller element is played out during the car chase.

John McTiernan is famous for bringing us the action films such as Predator and Die Hard and sparking off a great franchise with a superb character and actor, and now it looks as though he's trying to do the same thing with the actor at least, as Thomas Jane joins the film.

Run will tell the story of an American Interpol agent who discovers a conspiracy during a high speed car chase across country. Already we're hearing a little about the cars involved.

According to Variety BMW have been signed up to provide the cars, but Roush Performance are designing a Super Mustang for the film, now that's much more exciting than a mid-level managers fleet car.

I'm really interested to see how this one works out, developing a thriller during a 120mph car chase is definitely going to be interesting.



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