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Jim Henson biographical film

JimHenson.jpgThe life and times of Jim Henson, the superb creator of the Muppets, is set to become a film with a surprising US $30 million budget.

The story hopes to cover his life from his early teenage years when he became fascinated with television, through his vastly entertaining career which includes the universally recognisable and loved Muppets.

The screenplay comes from Robert D. Slane who already has a child orientated book and film to his name, so perhaps we're going to be seeing the same type of idea for the life of Jim Henson?

According to Coming Soon the company behind the film are very positive about the size of the production and are keen to have a director of stature behind it, they even suggest someone like Penny Marshall, so they are hopeful.

I really do think that this film is going to be won or lost purely on the script. It has to be something imaginative and really capture the essence of what Henson's work was all about and his imagination. In fact I'm most drawn to something that draws the two worlds together in a childlike reality in the mind of the character of Jim Henson, rather than a straight telling of his life.

What would you like to see in a Jim Henson film?



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