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Joan Collins joins Wicker Man remake

JoanCollins.jpgYes I know there's been a remake of that superb classic film The Wicker Man already, but there is another one on the way, and if you haven't been reading Filmstalker, it's written and directed by Robin Hardy, the director of the original.

Now word is coming though about more casting, and the legend that is Joan Collins is set to star alongside Christopher Lee who is also from the original film.

Although we won't be seeing a script from the original writer Anthony Shaffer, I think this is already shaping up to be a powerful film.

Previously the rumours were that both Christopher Lee and Faye Dunaway were set to star in the film Cowboys for Christ, but this story from The Sunday Herald through AITH tells us something different:

"Joan Collins...has joined Christopher Lee in the cast, replacing Vanessa Redgrave in the role of Lady Delia Morrison."

I never even realised that Vanessa Redgrave was set to star, and that would have been a great pairing too. With Joan Collins though I feel we're harking back a little to those Hammer Horror days, which may not be such a bad thing.

Here's the new plot:

"On a trip to Scotland to both perform at an arts festival and spread the word of Christ to the "heathens" of Glasgow, Beth is invited to visit a borderland estate and castle on a secluded island belonging to a Scottish Laird -- but once there, she soon learns that her charming invitation to be crowned the "Queen Of The May" is part of a complex, horrific pagan rite, designed to test her Faith and ultimately destroy her."

You'll remember that the original film, which I hope you've seen despite that terrible remake with Nicolas Cage, was about a Policeman sent to a remote island off mainland Scotland to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, a girl that everyone on the island claims never even existed...well almost everyone. Soon he begins to see that there's more to the island and the locals than meets the eye, and more to the reason for his journey.

Robin Hardy has some comforting or frightening words for fans, depending how you view them.

"They thought they'd broken the mould after we made the original Wicker Man, but they were wrong...another film with beautiful songs, sassy sex, a few good laughs and horror upon horrors ahead"

Oh dear, is it a musical? Whatever, it really can't be as bad as the remake, and it's guaranteed that it can't be as good as the original, surely. Let's just hope Joan Collins won't be dressed up in a bear costume...at least there's no Nicolas Cage around to thump her. Oh that was an embarrassing moment in his career.



I don't take issue with another remake and no disrespect to Joan Collins but I thought she'd died years ago.



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