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Joe Hill's Locke & Key bought

JoeHill.jpgJoe Hill is Stephen King's son, something I'm sure he'd rather forget about when trying to build his own career, and something that Dimension say they have forgotten about when purchasing his second story for the big screen.

His first novel, Heart-Shaped Box, is being developed right now, and Dimension have just bought the rights to his graphic novel Locke & Key.

The story of Locke & Key (Amazon.com) sounds a lot like his Dad's Dark Tower but with a healthy addition of some more child friendly moments, although realising who his Dad is I would think that perhaps that child friendly aspect isn't so friendly.

Three children become the caretakers of Keyhouse, a New England mansion that has many different doors that, instead of opening into rooms, open into other places and worlds. Each door can do something different and can offer them great powers, change their gender or skin colour, but not all are safe.

Bob Weinstein talked about the deal and assured Variety that it had nothing to do with his father's name:

“I love what Joe wrote. There are fun elements that horror fans love, and it feels like a franchise where you can feel satisfied with each film, but there is a door left open for the next one.”

Well that's got to make you think that he's come up with something strong here, and of course it feels like a franchise, I'm sure they haven't opened every door, and if opening a new door brings on a new adventure, that's got huge potential. Now all they need to do is make one successful film and move onto the big F word - that's franchise by the way.



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