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Justice League of America back in production

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgIt looks like Justice League of America is back in action as we hear that since the writers strike has been officially resolved and contracts now signed, Kieran and Michele Mulroney are cleaning up the script and the film should be back at the studio within weeks.

So the film is going to go ahead and become one of Warner Bros. “tentpole” films of the year. None of this fills me with positivity.

Meanwhile Variety reports that George Miller is back in Australia for pre-production, so perhaps there isn't a move to Canada after all.

As I've said before, the problem here is that we are getting a mix of characters. A few of them are not strangers to the big screen like Superman and Batman, and we don't need an introduction to them, but there are others such as Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Lantern, and so on that will need their introductions and some origin story.

Surely this is going to bog down the first half of the film and we're going to end up with a mass of character building for too many characters? Is it going to end up being thought of as the Fantastic Four of the franchise, of which I am sure there will be a franchise.

The other aspect of it that I'm not happy about is that it could well hijack the origin of these characters and we'll miss the chance of seeing them in their own film.

So far we're looking at Adam Brody as Flash, Common as Green Lantern, Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, and Armie Hammer as Batman. The others are just rumours so far with the recent being Hugh Keays-Byrne as Martian Manhunter, if rumour is right.

I just think they should give them their own films and once they are established then bring the ensemble film together. Justice League of America is just going to have too much to do.



the only way...and i do mean ONLY way this film will be taken seriously is if it is all cgi. And i'm not sure if that's the case.

look. people accept Christian Bale as batman. end of flippin' story. No one will accept anyone else until the mantel is passed in the actual batman films.

come to think of it, didn't Bale's contract require him to appear in at least one ensemble piece, or was that all heresay?


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