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Justice League of America moving forward?

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgI'm confused. It was just over a month ago that we heard that Warner Bros. had let the options lapse on the contracts of the cast and crew for Justice League of America, and it seemed that the production was dead.

Now though George Miller, the director, has been talking about production possibly beginning again in Canada.

According to The Sunday Morning Herald through IESB, George Miller has been revealing tentative plans to move the productions of both Justice League of America and Happy Feet 2 from Australia to Canada.

This move has more to do with tax laws than anything else, and George Miller does say that the movie is quite “precarious”, so there's nothing really to say that the production is starting up again, more that what is sitting there in wait is moving from Australia.

I don't see it happening any time soon though. I still do think that the film needs to hold off and allow all the superheroes involved in the story the chance to have their own outing and evolve, otherwise we're going to be witnessing a film filled with genesis stories of characters.

Still, there's the thought that the film was perhaps delayed because the script needed rewrites and the writers were on strike. Now that they're back the rewrites can go ahead and a script could come out of it, with a film not far behind.



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