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Kurt Cobain autobiographical film?

KurtCobain.jpgBrett Morgen, who wrote and directed the visually interesting Chicago 10 about the anti-war protest trial that Steven Spielberg is about to adapt, is talking about his latest commission from a certain Courtney Love.

Apparently she has asked if he would make a film of Kurt Cobain, and Morgen has agreed. However it's not going to be anything mainstream and looks set to tell the story of his life as though Cobain himself was filming it.

Now that's an interesting take, and while I might not normally be interested in such a story, the idea that it would be made form his perspective is interesting.

Here's what Brett Morgen had to say to Collider through First Showing about the idea:

"It's all of Kurt's artifacts and archives and journals and yeah we'll have the music of course but the… his home movies. He did stop action animation, which I don't know if anyone's ever seen but I saw it and it's fucking great. I mean it was crude and I'm gonna probably refine it…

...We're going to make a film as if Kurt Cobain was making his autobiography and so and one of the things about using animation in it is that at first I was like oh, man, it was the worst time for archival films because from like '83 to '92 video sucked...

...Ultimately I think the goal for that film is to make sort of a Catcher on the Rye for the next decade? The reason Kurt still resonates all over the world...he was able to articulate his experiences as an alienated, disenfranchised kid and that's why I think his music is still relevant today and resonates all over the world and I think we have to make the film that's in every one of those kid's heads that represents them...

...what this film will do is really get inside Kurt's head and sort of see the world from the inside out."

Now reading through that excerpt I really am interested in this idea, because it's much less focusing on the great and mythical being that was Kurt Cobain - something that really grates with me anyway - but it's more about the smaller scale experience he had as a person, we'll see these big events through his eyes, or as close to his eyes as we'll see.

I think it would be pretty easy to deliver a big Cobain film that explores his fame and death, really exploiting the drugs, depression, and the self waste of suicide, and ends up being a big screen epic biographical film. It would be harder, although not that much, to make it appeal to masses who worship the singer.

However what it would really be hard to do is to bring that story to the level of how Cobain saw it and how it affected him. These huge events and moments in his career pulled back to how they made him feel and how they affected him as a person.

Think of how Control (Filmstalker review) was made and how it portrayed Ian Curtis, that's what I mean. For me that really succeeded in capturing how the man felt and brought me to a character who I really found it hard to sympathise with - after all they both were achieving their dreams and ended their own lives, wasting a huge talent. For me that's always hard to find some sort of empathy with.

In a way I think that adding all this proposed animation, stop motion, rotoscoping, and such like is going to get in the way of that much smaller but more impactful story. However at the same time it could be very in keeping with the idea of Kurt Cobain.



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