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Landis directs Mad Magazine

JohnLandis.jpgJohn Landis is set to return, and he's bringing to life the biography of the creator of Mad Magazine and EC Comics, William M. Gaines, which we previously heard was in development.

The film will be titled Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines, and is being developed by Landis and the screenwriter Joel Eisenberg.

Now this is great news, first that John Landis is gracing our screens, and secondly that the subject matter of Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines sounds right up his street.

Variety through Latino Review have the announcement which goes on to tell us about the film itself.

It will focus on a group of writers and artists who are very anti-establishment brought together with Gaines reluctantly agreeing to become the group's leader alongside Al Feldstein. Together they ran the company and produced their comicbooks, and Gaines even testified before a Senate subcommittee that was investigating juvenile delinquency, pushing his First Amendment rights and speaking out in favour of their right to free speech.

In all honesty it sounds a little bit more serious for John Landis, and I like that idea as much as I do the fact that he's directing a big film.



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