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Last Starfighter sequel?

TheLastStarfighter.jpgThere's an interesting rumour online that suggests that there might be a sequel coming to The Last Starfighter.

Not remember what that was? Well I have vague recollections of the film myself, but I seem to remember a boy who loved videogames being addicted to this latest one called The Last Starfighter, except it's not really a game, it's more a recruitment device, and because he's so good at it he's about to be recruited.

You see the game is like America's Army, and an alien race has been sending these out in the hope of finding people that can help them defend their planet, and indeed the galaxy, against invasion.

He gets the top score on the game he's playing, and before he knows what's happened he's been picked up and transported to the Starfighter base where all the top scorers from around the universe have been taken for their training.

Once he gets there he realises just what he's in store for so he asks to go home. The aliens comply and return him home, but he finds that he's now being hunted in order to make sure he can never fight against the invasion.

When he returns to the base he finds all the new Starfighters are dead, and he's the last chance they have.

You know it is kind of silly, but the film itself was a lot of fun, as far as I remember anyway. It really is a long way off in my memory and I think I might be mixing it up with Battle Beyond the Stars, so I'm going to refrain from talking too much about it.

However Cinema Blend through Moviehole have a source that they consider to be pretty reliable who is saying that the sequel is on.

They say that the 1984 film will be getting a sequel through a production company called George Paige and Associates, and they are saying that Universal and Warner Bros. have picked it up for distribution. The scooper says:

"It involves original director Nick Castle, writer Jonathan Betuel and actor Lance Guest. It's your basic Son of the Starfighter storyline and actually sounds pretty cool."

It does sound a little way out, but if it comes true then we could be seeing a film that is deserving of a modern remake and would actually work if they spent some time updating it. However this production company is not known for the bigger budget work, so either they're giving it a go and have good backing, or they're hoping to make it work.

I really could see this working with a bigger budget and being updated for modern day videogames, forgetting piloting space ships and going hand to hand like Gears of War, after all there aren't many games like The Last Starfighter these days.



Wow, I remember seeing The Last Starfighter when I was about 12! Can you get it on DVD?? I must go and have a hunt at lunchtime!

lol - Battle Beyond the Stars? Now, that was a BAD film... almost as bad as Hawk the Slayer ;0)

Rubbish! They won't do it right. This should be a full on re-imaging not a son of the starfighter movie.

Crap I say.

I believe Brad is mistaken.

A re-imagining (not "re-imaging" as you mistakenly wrote) would be a bad move. The original "Last Starfighter" movie is too much of a classic & loved by fans to re-imagine. A sequel would be much better. I would say, include Lance Guest (Alex), Catherine Mary Stewart (Maggie), Christ Herbert (Louis) & any other pertinent characters that can be reprised by the original players.

"Son of" or "Younger Brother of" Starfighter would be great. A sequel opens the doors for lots of great possibilities.


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